We love data!

We can turn your data into information, and information into insight.

Data Analytics

By reading and analyzing your structured and unstructured data we can turn your information into business valuable data.

Text Search

By indexing all of your relevant documents and logs, we can provide a fast way of searching and filtering.


We can analyze all of your data and logs, visualize them and resent them in different types of dashboards.


After being analyzed and visualized, all this data and logs are presented in different types of reports.

About Us

Vitagion started back in 2009. We are an independent company and our main goal is to help companies to turn their data into business valuable information. By doing this companies will get a better insight, which:

  • results in higher revenues
  • lead to cost reduction
  • gives a real-time overview of their complete infrastructure


In order to search data and logs we need tools who will help us “translate” structured and unstructered data into useful information. This information can then be used to get a better insight. Insight in your data is what you need to improve your business. One of the tools we work with is ELK. This stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

Elasticsearch: store, search and analyze the data
Logstash: process, collect, enrich and transport the data
Kibana: explore, visualize and share the data




Latest Posts

Anomaly detection

As of version 5.4 we now can make use of Anomaly detection. This is part of the X-pack/Machine learning module. Focus on providing added value to users storing time series data such as: log files [...]


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